Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nova's Sweet Potato Bake................

Time for another tasty recipe........This Sweet Potato Bake is another one of my grandmothers recipe's, I think my exact word's back in the early 90's were " the bomb". I had my nephew rolling on the floor with laughter to hear is aunt say " the bomb", but it truly is scrumptious.

Posted just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Enjoy.

Nova's Sweet Potato Casserole

3C mashed sweet potato's

1/2C milk

1C brown sugar

1/2C butter or margarine (I always use real butter if possible)

2 eggs

1tsp. vanilla


1C packed brown sugar

1/3C flour

1/2C butter

1C chopped pecan's

Whip potato's w/mixer with milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla,

and butter. Place in casserole dish. Melt butter, mix topping

ingredients together and spread over casserole and bake at

375 for about 20 - 25 minutes.

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  1. That looks sooooooo good...I might have to make some...especially since we forgot to buy the sweet potato tarts at the Farmer's Market this year!