Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cuppa and a good book......

Dodie Smith has written a "gem". The young girl in this book is a very intriguing,and entertaining story teller. The book is about an extended family and how they triumph over hardships while living in part of a 300 year old Castle during the early to mid part of the 20th Century. I have noticed this is also out on DVD and may watch it after reading the book. I think the scenery would be enchanting.

Starbucks Cheese Danish with a Cuppa!!!! And, my $8.00 (not so thrifted in my opinion) bread box...that I would still rather see painted with a cute little glass knob someday. It has came in quite handy though. At first I placed the normal, bread, english muffins, etc. packaged in there and one day a light bulb went off!!! It is the purrrrrfect size to hold my many little cans of "fancy feast". So now, they have their own home and frankly, I actually use it and I'm in and out of it more often and isn't that the point!

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