Sunday, February 24, 2013

Not so new concept, but ready to give it a try.......

Prepping lunch for the week ahead on Sunday evening..... Ready to give this a try since viewing an episode of America Now on T.V. late the other night. The concept is to get a plastic bin to keep in the refrigerator filled with various items that can be tossed into a lunch bag the night before.

Preparing little baggies of fruits and veggies ahead of time will make it much easier than the dread of doing this task every evening. I'm no stranger to cutting one whole bunch of celery into little sticks for the week, but the best tip was to get little containers and fill them ahead of time with peanut butter, salad dressing, or hummus. String cheese or cubes of brick cheese will be added along with individual containers of vanilla yogurt. 

I'm also a fan of olives, almond butter, cheese and crackers, granola, the possibilities are endless.

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