Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nova's recipe for freezer pickles....

*10 - 12 medium cucumbers

*1 large or 2 small vadalia onions
*1/2 C pickling salt
*4C sugar

*2C white vinegar


*plastic freezer containers

Slice cucumber's and onion very thinly and place in a crock. I use my large,oval crock-pot insert with lid. Next, fill the crock with water to cover and add 1/2 cup of salt. Cover with lid and place in the refrigerator for 48 hours, stirring once or twice a day.

After 48 hours, drain and rinse, meanwhile in medium size sauce
pan, heat 2 cups of vinegar and 4 cups of sugar until sugar is dissolved. Pour mixture over cucumbers and onions and place in
plastic freezer containers. FREEZE........

These really hit the spot on hot summer evenings. Place them at your

dinner table for a nice little treat.

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